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I am an enthusiastic scientist who embraces challenges and defines them as learning opportunities. As a team member, I have played an active role in different projects that have been published in leading journals; to date, my contribution is reflected in 20 peer-reviewed scientific papers.

My research experience comprises in vitro, in situ, and in vivo animal models. Bringing together electrophysiology and neuropharmacology, I have studied the role of dopaminergic and histaminergic receptors on the modulation of blood pressure by sensory and sympathetic neurons that are innervating resistance blood vessels. I have analyzed the cardiorespiratory pattern and its modulation by microglia activation to understand the cardiovascular and inflammatory mechanisms involved in the progression of respiratory conditions as sleep apnea and sudden infant death syndrome. And with the use of human macrophage-like cell lines and the CRISPR/Cas9 mediated gene knockout technique, I studied the mechanisms underlying the regulation of oxidative stress and inflammation by the scaffolding protein EBP50/NHERF-1 and its involvement in the development of atherosclerosis. My purpose as a researcher has been to bridge the gap between the neuro-modulation of blood pressure and the adaptive inflammatory mechanisms triggered by tissue malfunction behind the progression of chronic cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. 

I understand the value of teaching and this is a discipline that scientists develop by mentoring students while doing research. Still, I believe that it is in the classroom where we transmit more efficiently our passion for science and discovery. Accordingly, I have had formal training at the University of Pittsburgh Teaching and Learning Center, and I acquired a Pitt-CIRTL certification in STEM teaching. I have also participated as a mentor at the Hillman Academy educational program, which aims to provide research and career preparatory experiences to a diverse group of high school students pursuing careers in STEM fields. 

Passionate about science communication? So am I! My ultimate goal is to share science-related subjects with the general public. I strongly believe that communication through visuals is key to delivering a clear message, whether spoken or written. Currently, I'm developing a career as a science writer and communicator. Let's work together to make science more accessible and engaging for everyone!


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